Does Home Improvement Still Make Sense In A Housing Slump?

The high and mighty who whine about the destruction of the environment [that would be me] should take a look at the lighting in their home. Lumbering off the couch, I did just that and found that all my light bulbs were energy wasters. The next day, I slunk down to the hardware store, picked up some Energy Star bulbs and was able to climb back up on my soap box.

I dressed in my work clothes to go to the home improvement center. Blue jeans, work boots, vest, and a tape measure on your belt will help you from being intimidated by the salesman. I had no problem with the vinyl siding cost. I had investigated vinyl siding prices and was able to be convincing to the salesman about my knowledge of the subject.

The juicer should be quiet in sound and should not sound like a saw mill waking everybody up in the house and making the neighbors ignore you from the rest of your life. The more revolutions (RPM) per minute it makes the more noise it produces.

It can save a lot of money to get together with your neighbors and share tools with each other. There’s no reason for everyone in your neighborhood to own the same rarely used tools! Find a neighbor who enjoys home improvement projects, and borrow tools from him or her instead of purchasing tools for a single use. In addition to tools, you can also share tips.

A waterfall in the Waterscape Design Group and Paver Planet feature area during setup for the Miami Valley home improvement tool at Hara Arena, Wednesday, January 13, 2010.

Gardeners Supply Company and Mother Earth News provide information on essential home and garden products. These particular products aim to inspire organic gardening. Other supply catalogues, like Sky Mall and Hammacher Schlemmer, offer some pretty cool home and garden gadgetry as well for today’s savvy homeowners and Diyers.

Go to used book stores and purchase How-To books. Now that the internet is the be-all, end-all, do all, the old Encyclopedias showing “How To” are available cheap at yard sales and used book stores. Then, when you’ve got a project to do, you’ll have information at your hand to get in there and get started on it.

When MTV debuted “The Real World” in the early 1990’s, television critics lamented about the return of reality television. Although in real life most of us don’t live rent free in a posh loft with six friends, “The Real World” did prove to be a popular formula. Changing locations each season– from New York to L.A. and all the way to Paris– “The Real World” has become a gauge of our times– watch the old seasons and see how much young adults have changed over the years. After a few seasons of “the Real World”, MTV added “Road Rules” to their lineup. Same type of concept as “The Real World”, except this time the kids lived in a Winnebago and traveled the world.